Basket Raffle & Wine Bottle Toss

Two of the funnest events at the CSD Banquet are the Basket Raffle and Wine Bottle Toss! The success of these two games, depends on our NSSLHA members. Please use the following links and descriptions to be informed on these two events.


Basket Raffle

Each basket at the banquet has a theme. We count on our members to purchase different items for the baskets or donate money. Of course, you will be rewarded with points. 😉 The following link is an attachment to the basket descriptions and items. In parenthesis next to the item is the number of points that will be awarded for purchasing each item. If you have any questions or on want to donate an item/money, please e-mail or text Abby Recker at or 419-890-7535.


Wine Bottle Toss

Every year we have a wine bottle toss at the banquet as well. Wine bottles can be purchased or money donated to Shelby Spitz. Members who are not 21, please feel free to give Shelby money so that she can buy the wine bottles. Her e-mail is