National NSSLHA

National NSSLHA

Founded in 1972, NSSLHA is the national organization for graduate and undergraduate students interested in studying communication disorders. NSSLHA is the only official national student organization recognized by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). The University of Cincinnati NSSLHA is a independently operated local chapter. NSSLHA has approximately 13,000 members at over 300 chapters located at college and university campuses in the United Sates and abroad. These 300 chapters are separated into 10 regions; each region is represented by executive council, a member at large, a regional councilor, regional delegate. The University of Cincinnati belongs to Region 4. To stay updated on current events, like Region 4’s Facebook page!

Join National NSSLHA

National membership provides a plethora of benefits that help students stay current on advancements in the field, enhance their academic knowledge, find internships and employment, network with other students with similar interests, and save money on products and services. The cost to become a national member is $60 per year. National NSSLHA also offers a introductory membership for half the cost with similar benefits. All students enrolled in Clinical Process (CSD4021) are required to become a National NSSLHA member. All University of Cincinnati students are encouraged to become a National NSSLHA member! If you have any further questions, contact our National NSSLHA Liaison, Jade Clark at


ASHA Convention

If you are interested in attending the ASHA Convention, you MUST become a National NSSLHA member ($60)